Alpine Life

Getting There


Geneva, Zurich, Berne and Milan Malpensa are all within reasonable distance of Saas Fee. The main airlines are:

Onward travel from any of these airports can be by train or car. One of the most relaxed ways is by train, and the Swiss public transport system is well known for its reliability, which we can attest to! See trains for more information.

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Driving from Calais takes around 9 hours, and is motorway apart from 130km. On arrival, you leave your car in the covered car park at the entrance to Saas Fee - there is a small local charge. From there it is a few minutes walk to the chalet or you can call a local electric taxi.


One of the most relaxed ways to travel to Saas Fee is by train. Trains go from Geneva airport and Zurich airport, onto Visp where local Post buses (yellow buses) take you up to Saas Fee.

A ticket bought in the UK from the Swiss Travel Centre gives you a special tourist rate you can't buy on arrival, so best to book ahead. The new Lotschberg Tunnel under the Alps will speed up transfers from Zurich, with more frequent bus transfers as well.The Geneva train takes 2 ½ hours and from Zurich it takes 2 ¼ hours to Visp. You can then take a local bus or taxi to Saas Fee, where we will arrange a taxi to pick you up and take you to the Chalet.